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The first 24 hours are crucial. During this time you must be especially gentle with your lashes and avoid steam/high heat (hot tub, sauna, etc).  Lash adhesive hardens in layers.  When you leave your lash appointment the outside layers will have hardened, but the inside layers will still be soft. For your best retention always avoid oil-based product around the eye area, avoid touching/picking/pulling your lashes, and avoid steam and extreme heat. 


For your eye health and lash retention, it’s very important to use a lash cleanser to remove the buildup of oils and debris. Please be sure to clean your lashes DAILY. It is strongly recommended to cleanse your lashes every night with your Lash Lather cleansing foam. Makeup and oil from your face travel on to your lash extensions and break down the adhesive if not removed by proper, regular cleanings. Failure to clean your lashes will not only result in poor retention, but the build up of bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells can lead to eye infections and lash mites.

Do not use an eyelash curler or mascara on your lash extensions. 

Do not use gel or liquid eyeliner. 

Do not rub your lashes during or after a shower. It is best to gently blot your lashes with a towel after a shower, let them air dry and then brush them. Be sure to brush your lashes 2-3 times a day.

Do not sleep on your face. Your extensions are delicate, so "face planting" in to your pillow will cause your lashes to fall out from the friction against your pillow. 

Always return for fill within 2-3 weeks, leave them to fall out naturally or return to have them removed professionally. Never attempt to remove the extensions yourself.

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