The Volume Set

FULL SET | 2.5 hours | $225

Volume lashes consist of multiple, ultra fine, hand-made volume fans (3-5 extensions per lash) that are applied to each individual natural lash creating a beautiful, full , dense lash line. This set is great for clients with sparse lashes or clients looking to achieve full, dense lashes.

The Mega Volume Set

FULL SET | 2.5 hours | $250

Mega Volume lashes consist of 8-15 ultra fine extensions in each hand-made volume fan that are applied to each individual natural lash creating a dark, dense lash line. These are great for clients looking to achieve that full, dramatic look.


Lash Fills

Volume | 75 minutes | $100
Mega Volume | 75 minutes | $110


Returning Clients: Please note our fill options have changed.


We have simplified our options to offering a 1 hour 15 minute fill appointment only. If you feel additional time is need you may add 15 minutes on when booking.

New clients are welcome to book, you must have had your previous fill within the last two weeks of your scheduled appointment and have 50% of your extensions remaining.